As a family-owned business, located in Carthage, Missouri, our mission is to produce quality lighting products that meet and exceed industry expectations. We focus on developing new products, enhancing our existing product lines and customizing product for special requests.

Williams offers complete lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our commitment to excellence, unsurpassed customer service and expansive product offerings will make A Visible Difference on your next lighting project.

Our History

Fluorescent Futurama at Atlanta-Biltmore Hotel in Atlanta Georgia on October 21st, 1941

Harold E. Williams was an engineer and entrepreneur who, in 1921, founded the H. E. Williams Company in Carthage, Missouri. In the beginning, the company manufactured various products from kitchen utensils to storage lockers and static display signs. A few years later, the focus was solely on the development and manufacture of automobile accessories. This lasted until 1939, when H. E. attended the World's Fair and saw the introduction of fluorescent lighting as a viable source of illumination. From there he and his engineers started developing fixtures to house the new source. For over 75 years, commercial lighting has been the main focus of H.E. Williams, Inc.

Today, Williams remains headquartered in Carthage – still a family owned company now in its 3rd generation. Williams is known in the commercial lighting industry for designing and manufacturing superior commercial lighting products. Just as in 1921, H. E.'s principles of quality products and superior service remain the priorities of H.E. Williams, Inc.

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USA Proud

H.E. Williams, Inc. factory floor American flag

For three generations, H.E. Williams, Inc. has proudly manufactured our products in the heart of the USA. We choose to keep our roots firmly planted in Carthage, Missouri because there is no substitute for the loyalty and tradition found here.

We have remained committed to making A Visible Difference by designing and manufacturing superior commercial lighting products in the USA.


H.E. Williams, Inc. factory paint line

To Williams, quality means providing customers with superior lighting products at competitive prices, the shortest industry lead times, and the best service. We continually meet and exceed customer expectations because, for us, anything less is unacceptable.


H.E. Williams, Inc. factory floor overview

Williams is committed to producing superior products through sustainable practices by continually looking for ways to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and recycle materials throughout our manufacturing process. By doing so, we are able to continue making the highest quality products at competitive prices while conserving natural resources.