Ethernet cable

Power Over Ethernet

The intelligent connectivity solution from Williams.

Harnessing Power over Ethernet technology with energy-efficient LED fixtures, Williams provides a simple and reliable networked lighting solution.

PoE Diagram small
PoE Diagram extra large
PoE Diagram large
Lit up User Interface
Lit up Gateway
Lit up Switch
Lit up fixtures
Lit up accessories
User Interface
  • Easily create action sets, scheduling, and policies
  • Connectivity and service packages available for building automation, advanced energy savings, and enterprise management
  • Small form-factor Intel PC
  • Runs the User Interface, Commissioning Tools, API, and BACnet software packages
  • Can be a PC or server provided by others
PoE Switches
  • Routes data between the Lighting System Software and fixtures, buttons, sensors, and other control devices
  • Provides power to fixtures and Accessory Nodes
  • Ceiling mount, plenum rated switches lower installed cost and boost energy savings
  • 55+ PoE-ready products available
  • Fire and shock safe UL Class 2 (UL2108)
  • Accessory Nodes provide connectivity for wall buttons and room sensors
  • Accessory Nodes also provide non-PoE lighting, plug-load control, and non-lighting AC and DC products
  • Most low voltage (12-24VDC) devices will direct connect to an Accessory Node and will be controlled by Lighting System Software