Power Over Ethernet

The intelligent connectivity solution from Williams.

Harnessing Power over Ethernet technology with energy-efficient LED fixtures, Williams provides a simple and reliable networked lighting solution.

Poe System Schematic - includes Platformatics Area Controller (PAC), ethernet switches that connect to LED lights and nodes, which connect to wall stations. Over Enterprise Cloud and your router, you can connect via your smart phone, tablet, or computer (user provided)


With Connect, commissioning is fast & simple. Group lights by zone and assign lights to wall stations and sensors with ease.



Advise provides reports, alerts, and dashboards with real-time gauges and historical trends to better understand your building.


Power & Control

The switch connects to the light nodes by way of an ethernet cable, enabling the transfer of power and data in one cable.


Enabling Smart Devices

Our light node offers a quick connection to PoE-ready luminaires.


Intuitive Lighting Control

Access system user software from any web-enabled device.

When your lighting becomes a data source, possibilities are limitless.

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