Technical Info


Drivers & Ballasts


  • Power Entry

    Cord Entry Diagrams, Flexible Whips, Cord for Suspended Product. All Williams recessed troffers are available with a flexible whip, factory attached and hard wired to the luminary.

  • Quick-Connect Wiring

  • Tandem In-Line Wiring & Master/Satellite System

    Factory installed branch circuit wiring with nylon self-locking polarized connectors. All Williams Fluorescent® recessed troffers are available with a flexible metallic wiring harness, factory attached and hard wired to the luminary.

  • Electrical Accessories

    6' Cord/Plug 120V(-6CPI/5-15P), 277V(-6CPI/7-15P), Fast(-GLR) & Slow(-GMF) Fuse, Ballast Suppressor.


  • Ballast and Emergency Ballast Ordering Information

    Electronic, Dimming, Emergency, Residential, Residential Dimming | All ballasts are high quality, industry recognized manufacturers, i.e. Advance, GE, Osram, ULT, or when necessary, substitutions equal in performance and warranty.

  • Lamp Comparison & Lamp Base Data

    Quick guide to lamp performance and specifics. Consult lamp manufacturer for detailed information.

  • Retrofit Mounting Pan

    Use the retrofit mounting pan when remodeling or replacing fixtures where there is a finished ceiling with fixed apertures. The retrofit mounting pan is cut out on one side to “hook” the assembly through an existing hole. Two available pans accommodate round reflector sizes 6", 7½", 8½", 10", & 12".

  • Sloped Ceiling Adapter with Pan Assembly

    Spun aluminum sloped ceiling adapters are available in increments of 5 degrees from 10°—30°. Sloped ceiling adapters are available for Downlighting recessed light fixtures with “SCA” option. Consult factory for height.

  • Reflector Colors, Luminous Glass, and Trims

    For an added touch of distinction you may choose a reflector color that will coordinate with the colors of your building's interior and enhance the color characteristics of the lamp source. Decorative clear and colored glass disks, rings, & shields. Drop acrylic, drop opal, baffled splays and other downlighting trim options.



Options & Accessories



  • Color-match with RAL® Colors

    Since 1927, RAL® has created a uniform language when it comes to color. They have standardized, numbered and named the abundance of colors. These standards are easily understandable and applicable worldwide.

  • Finish Options

    Standard Outdoor Lighting color options

Ballasts & Lamping