Case Study

Havercamp Properties | Iowa

Apartment Complex Saves 86% Energy with

Williams PoE System

The Challenge

Haverkamp Properties owns and manages thousands of apartments throughout Iowa. As a progressive company, Haverkamp sought to integrate flexibility, energy savings, and improved user experiences with a new lighting solution. To achieve these goals, the company reached out to H.E. Williams, Inc. with the desire to upgrade the current T8 fluorescent lighting in its three-story housing complexes.

The Solution

After assessing the Haverkamp Properties needs, objectives, current energy usage, and user practices, Williams proposed the installation of their networked lighting solution turn-key Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and energy-efficient LED troffers. This intelligent lighting system with integrated controls and built-in analytics is both powered and controlled by Ethernet. With the previous installation, the client was unable to adjust the lighting configuration. New options to fine tune lighting based on occupancy and daylight sensors would provide better energy efficiency with the PoE system.

"Installing Williams PoE Lighting turned
out to be one of the smartest decisions
in retrofitting our apartment complex."

~ Brent Haverkamp

CEO - Haverkamp Properties

The Results

The new simple and reliable system allowed Haverkamp Properties to exceed its goals. The client realized decreased utility costs, a cleaner carbon footprint, and vastly improved user experiences. The solution delivered more capabilities such as greater user control, intuitive user interface, simple and quick commissioning, integration with third party applications, and truly connected lighting.

As a result of the project, Haverkamp received direct cost savings in several areas. First, the client achieved impressive energy savings. Compared to the original fluorescent installation, consumption decreased from 45,722 kWh to 6,304 kWh, delivering a cost savings of just over $2,700 per building annually. This resulted in a reduction in utility bills by 86%. Second, property values increased by 53% for the client’s apartment complexes, using the annual energy savings as an indicator. Finally, Haverkamp also benefited through maintenance cost savings. The client estimated $1,700 in total maintenance cost savings per year due to the long life of LED and easy smart building adjustments using the PoE system.

Overall, the Williams solution using PoE and energy-efficient LED delivered a 26% ROI to Haverkamp Properties with annual income improvements from energy cost savings, decreased maintenance, and tax deductions.

Williams combined the efficient use of the LT Series LED Troffer and the state-of-the-art networked PoE to offer Haverkamp Properties a taste of the future in the lighting industry. Low-maintenance, highly-personalized connectivity solutions that deliver increased efficiency and flexible control are the next phase for lighting integration. When your lighting becomes a data source, possibilities are limitless.

To learn more about Williams PoE intelligent connectivity solution, visit our PoE page

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At A Glance

62% reduction of annual electric bill with Williams LED Fixtures

71% reduction of annual electric bill with automation enabled

86% reduction of annual electric bill with Williams analytics optimized

53% immediate appreciation on project investment

26% project ROI by implementing the Williams lighting solution