Ethernet cable

Power over Ethernet

Williams turn-key PoE solution provides plug-and-play networked lighting and control

Power over Ethernet

The Williams turn-key Power over Ethernet (PoE) solution provides plug-and-play networked lighting and control.

  • Available in over 35 fixtures including recessed, downlights & suspended product
  • Ethernet cable delivers low voltage power & connects the fixture to the network
  • Wall switches, room sensors & other low-voltage devices connect easily to the system
  • Standard platform enables interoperability with building automation & other controls
  • Maximizes energy savings & enables code compliance
  • Compatible with tunable lighting technologies



Provides commissioning and user interface for the lighting system

PoE Switch

Routes data between the lighting system and software; provides power to the nodes

Network Node

Connects to the PoE switch & powers the fixture

Device Node

Connects to the network node & powers the fixture; daisy chain up to 4 device nodes from a network node

Sensor / Wall Switch

Wire directly to network or device nodes to enhance energy savings and control

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